Volunteering can save lives


Africa Sawabona is an NGO that was born to improve the living conditions of the African populations in situations of inequality, vulnerability, and helplessness through health programs and awareness campaigns.

In 2016 Africa Sawabona needed graphic material to document one of its health missions in Senegal and show the situation of the local population and the work of volunteer health workers.

Teeth health was one of the main topics in this mission. They learned how to brush their teeth both children and even adults.

Without electricity, dentists had to resign themselves and mostly do teeth extractions.

Other volunteers dealt with other health fields such as pediatrics, nursing, or primary care.

Improvisation was a useful resource. A plastic bottle could be used as a breathing mask or a food pantry as an office.

Sometimes volunteers had to struggle with tough situations.

Life in this community is very delicate. The infant mortality rate in childbirth is very high. This baby didn’t make it, her life lasted a couple of hours.

However, there is still hope. Thank the tireless work of volunteers, many lives have been saved, and many more to come.

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